Things To Consider
"Focus On The Joy"
Proper scheduling is super important. This may help!

Decide what is most important to you? If photography is a high priority, consider having your formals before the wedding.

When brides choose to have their formals beforehand: they have more fun with their wedding party, family and friends, and as a result have amazing keepsakes for albums, canvas gallery wraps and framed portraits.


Our goal is to get as many, if not all, of the following wedding shots

Before The Church:

The Brides shoes
The Bride′s dress on a hanger
Any fine details that are in the Bride′s dress
The Bride′s tiara, necklace, etc.
The Bride′s bouquet
The wedding invitation
The list of music to be played at the wedding
The Bride doing her hair with reflection in the mirror
The Bride with her Mom
The Bride with the Father
The Bride at the home she grew up in (balcony, porch, staircase, front of house)
Bride walking with brides maids
Fun active photos of bride with brides maids
Individual photos of brides maids with the bride
Bride with brides maids and bouquets

Groom and grooms men photos if possible

At The Church:

The Groom in the waiting room
The Groom′s boutonniere
The Best man and Groom′s Men with the Groom in the waiting room
The flowers
The Bride in the limo with Mom
The Bride in the limo with Dad
The Bride in the limo with her maid′s of honor
The flower girl & Ring holder
The overall shot of people at the ceremony
The wedding party walking down the isle
The Father walking Bride down the aisle
The Bride meeting the Groom at alter
The Bride & Groom before the minister (throughout service)
The married Bride & Groom walking up the isle
The rose peddle toss
Bride & Groom in front of church
Entering the limo
Take the limo shots. Then you wait in the limo until the church empties. Next, we′ll take the church shots

Photography Timeline Needed After Ceremony

The most critical place to set time aside for your photos is immediately after your ceremony. Here is the breakdown:

At the Church:

30 minutes to clear the church
1 hour for Wedding Party & Family shots
Bride, Groom, Wedding Party, Parents, Grandparents & Siblings
Bride & Groom w/Parents, Grandparents & Siblings
Bride & Groom w/Parents & Grandparents
Bride w/Grandparents 2 shots (boy-girl-Bride-girl-boy)(girl-boy- Bride-boy-girl) note: Mother′s parents L-side / Father′s parents R- side

Groom w/Grandparents 2 shots (boy-girl-Groom-girl-boy)(girl-boy- Groom-boy-girl)

Grandparents are free
Bride & Groom w/Parents & Siblings
Bride & Groom w/Parents
Bride w/Mother
Bride w/Mother & Father
Bride w/Mother, Father & siblings
Bride w/Father

---- Bride′s Parents & Sibling (not in wedding party) are free

Groom w/Mother
Groom w/Mother & Father
Groom w/Mother, Father & siblings
Groom w/Father

---- Groom′s Parents & Siblings (not in wedding party) are free

Bride & Groom w/Wedding party

30 minutes for the Bride and her girls

Bride w/Maid of Honor
Bride w/Bride′s Maid #1
Bride w/Bride′s Maid #2
Bride w/Bride′s Maid #3
Bride w/Bride′s Maid #4
Bride′s last Wa-who with the girls

---- Bride′s girls are free

30 minutes for the Groom and his men
Groom w/Best Man
Groom w/Man #1
Groom w/Man #2
Groom w/Man #3
Groom w/Man #4
Groom′s last Wa-who with the Men

---- Groom′s Men are free

30 minutes for the Bride & Groom
Bride & Groom in Church (near alter, balcony, stain glass…)

At the picturesque place you chose

30 minutes plus travel time (Bride & Groom only)
Romantic portraits on the grounds of the venue
Near a water scene (Colt State Park, Lincoln Woods, Newport Beach…)

At Reception:

The front of the facility with
The Guest Book after a few people have signed it.
The inside of the reception area
The champagne glasses
The table settings
The name cards
The DJ or Musicians
The Flowers
The Bride & Groom′s entrance
The Best Man′s toast
The Maid of Honor′s toast
The head table when everyone is seated
Raise the Bride and Groom in their chairs
Bride & Groom′s first dance
Father & Daughter dance
Mother & Son dance
Cutting of the cake
Garter belt, glass crush…
Bouquet toss
Back lit dance shot of Bride & Groom
Wide-angle of others dancing around Bride & Groom
The Bride & Groom send off

Guest couples photos/portraits can be taken by my second photographer.