Masquerade Wonder   MW
Awaken the chivalry within you! Do you want a gentleman that treats you like a lady, that opens the door for you? Do you want that level of care and honor in your man? With Masquerade Wonder you can have chivalry, intrigue, and romance in your images. Imagine...

Entering a masquerade ball, he glances across the room and it happens... He sees you in a beautiful ball gown and can’t help but notice you. There’s no mask in the world that can hide your elegant beauty from him. It is at that point he knows that you are the only one true love for him.

Romantic story tellers by nature, photographers by trade; blend these two traits and you have destination wedding photographers Les & Amy designing heirloom that will hang on your walls, be placed on your tables and in your hearts for a lifetime. Masquerade Wonder brings you back in time by casting a romantic Renaissance Masquerade Ball look over the entire work, blending intrigue, mystery and beauty, your art piece will be a one-of-a-kind treasure to share with all that enter your home.